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About this event

2020 Central Coast NSW, a group of friends experience supernatural memory grabs through secret internal exploits in a world where the external is worshiped.

As they sink further inwards their very lineage unravels a series of extraordinary mysteries, genetic inheritance and behaviours;
Unburning & mystical from pagan drag witch queens reclaiming the magic of the sorceress of their Scottish roots,
Science & magic from the oldest culture on earth as proud Wiraduri man delivers the 101 on "Kinship" the heart of Aboriginal Culture,
Solidarity & the unconventional from the backroom bars and circus tents of world war 2 Holland, as the worlds original sex clown taps into 3 generations of the "bad women" taking space in her linage & finds strength in the unconventional & solidarity in difference

Presented by:
Naughty Noodle Fun Haus

Central Coast NSW’S home for multi-arts and discourse we are 100% leveraging the unique capacity of the arts to inspire, inform, promote, and contribute to change at all levels.

We are engaging creativity as the change agent for diversity as the norm in our communities and beyond in a creative mission which simultaneously advocating for social innovation and change.

Our focus is to promote participation & active engagement of Arts & Culture based activities which strengthen the cultural fabric of our communities, creating safe & inclusive spaces for self-expression which inspire & celebrate unique & diverse imaginings.

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