Three people stand at a table. They are wearing white nightdresses with high ruff collars. The person on the left holds a phone, on the right holds a spoon, and the one in the middle is making a shocked expression.
A person in a ghost mask, gloves, and ghost feet wearing a white nightdress with a frill collar. They have arms outspread, one heel stuck out, in a dramatic pose.
Three figures in white nightdresses and clown makeup stand in a line and hold someone in a ghost costume length ways in their arms.


A four-way polyamorous love square is shattered into a jarring triangle when one of the lovers returns as a ghost and declares that they have been murdered!

Who amongst them has committed this terrible crime?! The mansion is boarded shut; the endlessly raining world outside is innocent. Will Moon Junes, Silly Goose and Puke ever discover the truth of who killed Fredenharry?

Betrayal, ecstasy, plague, flood and war – this is four-way love and death... this is 'Slippery'!
Electric... ★★★★” - ArtsHub

Embodies what independent theatre is all about – unapologetic rage, unapologetic joy, and an unapologetic sense of fun.” – Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

Never a dull moment... sensationally absurd, and highly recommended” – Theatre Haus

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Comedy
Queensland • SA Premiere

Sun, 18 Feb - Sat, 02 Mar

60 min

My Lover Cindi (+3 more)

$11 to $35

M (2 Warnings)

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