A photo of three men pulling funny faces. The background is a yellow piece of paper with random illustrations featuring letters, stars and maths equations.

Skoolyard Sh3nanigans

• Circus
Australia • World Premiere
Three seasoned performers return to Adelaide Fringe with a brand new show!

A talented combination of education and entertainment, this production tells three comedic stories interweaved with circus performances that engage audiences. Inspired by 'shows-with-lessons' they've delivered to schools around Australia, this extravaganza tackles big issues kids are faced with today: healthy eating, exercise and bullying.

"If you are looking for creative and original entertainment you won't find better than Energy Entertainments" Night Quarter.

We believe kids learn better when they're having fun, so we sneak teachings into our performances.
But it's not exclusive to children, parents will be astounded too! Come see death-defying stunts, funny juggling routines and enjoy our ridiculous stories.

Presented by: Energy Entertainments

With over 14 years experience working globally with artists and event organisers, Energy Entertainments guarantee to deliver the highest standard of performances. Specialising in events, shows, branding, creativity and art with FIRE, Energy Entertainments are always searching for the next project and adventure, pushing boundaries to create a unique event in a breathtaking place. Collaborating with other artists who are masters in their field, our goal is to create the best show possible with safe, professional experiences for everyone. Energy Entertainments also offer Children’s Active Workshops to keep kids active and healthy while having fun. These classes focus on balance techniques, brain training, spacial awareness, reaction speeds, relaxation in movement and hand-eye coordination.