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Sir David and his Animals

Comedy / Physical Theatre
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You've all heard of the BBC's 'Blue Planet' and 'Planet Earth'. Tonight, we're thrilled to present to you, live onstage for the very first time; the naturalist, national treasure and broadcasting legend, with a career spanning almost 100 years, 'Sir David Attenborough and his Animals'!
Get ready for clowning, physical theatre and the largest range of animals you will ever see on stage.

"The physicality of both performers was outstanding"
"The best animal documentary!"
"It was just so funny!"

Audience quotes, Ferment Fortnight


“Memorable moments from Sir David Attenborough’s wildlife documentaries spring to life on stage in the most surprising and delightful way.”
Clare Peddie, The Advertiser

“Wonderous wildlife abounds (in human form)!”
Brian Godfrey, Glam Adelaide

“Highly nuanced impressions and hilarious exchanges abound...the standing ovation probably says it all.”
Fruzsi Kenez, Great Scott!

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Clownfish are a Bristol-based company formed by two recent Lecoq graduates, Jess Clough-MacRae and Jonathan Tilley. We are inspired by the miraculous and the mundane and find humour in detail. We use physical theatre, mime and clowning to create joyful, ridiculous theatre.

Clownfish are supported by the Bristol Old Vic Ferment Artists Development Scheme and Circomedia and are in association with the First Round International Creative Platform.

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Studio at Bakehouse Theatre

255 Angas St, Adelaide, SA, 5000


Studio at Bakehouse Theatre

255 Angas St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Content Warnings

Age Suitability: G

Family Friendly: Yes

Performance Accessibility

  • Language No Barrier