Sinful - People dressed in revealing black clothes, positioned around a group of three chairs. They are clicking with one hand in a fan formation


Cabaret • Musical theatre
South Australia • SA Premiere

Returning from a sold out 2022 Fringe season Such Cliche presents:

Lust ★ Gluttony ★ Sloth ★ Envy ★ Greed ★ Pride ★ Wrath

We have brought together a cast of local South Australian performers each showcasing their own talents for the detestable

Let us take you on an unforgettable and unadulterated journey to explore your deepest desires and darkest sins

Music, song, dance and circus combine to fill your senses in this most delectable cabaret

Careful you don't over-indulge however, or you might just be stuck down here with us...




Presented by: Such Cliche Productions

Such Cliché is a collective of creatives and performers from Adelaide.
Such Cliché has a focus on supporting artists which includes hosting workshops to foster creativity, and providing space for emerging directors, actors, choreographers, and more to experiment in a supportive and artistically challengin environment.