Teenager is doing the splits in the air on a white aerial silks, there is a shadow on the brown wall behind them
Multiple children/teenagers are in a back bend
3 partners lifting the smaller person above their head. Wearing gold, blue and green

Signs of Light

Signs of Light is a circus exploration of how light influences our day-to-day life.

As humans, light is essential to our health and wellbeing; it regulates our sleep-wake cycle. It can also help with our daily routines; bright functional light to keep us energized and warm light that creates a cozy ambience.

Without light there is nothing. But with light, what do we see? Do you see what I see? As humans we need light. We need it both visually and cerebrally. The ability to engage with our world through sight and emotion is enhanced by light.

The CircoBats Performance Troupe will light up the stage and show you how they see their world. In doing so, we hope that you lighten up for an hour and enjoy seeing the journey light takes you on with us.

Kids and Family • Circus
South Australia • World Premiere

Sun, 10 Mar - Fri, 15 Mar

60 min

Theatre One at The Parks Theatres

$10 to $15


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