Three acrobats wearing white overalls pose sitting on top of each other with playful expressions, the lowest acrobat is holding a clarinet.
Two acrobats leap sideways together, horizontal to the ground with their backs toward the camera.
An acrobat wearing white overalls leaps through a cyr wheel, a large metal apparatus, while another acrobat behind them adjusts musical equipment.


Australia • World Premiere

Three acrobats turn the stage, and the body in motion into live instruments. Together, they explore empathy and connection through music and playful acrobatics.
A synaesthetic, experimental work with raw, intimate style; where each performer is both composer and choreographer, acrobat and musician.

Using a blend of creative techniques, tools, and multidisciplinary expertise, Signal explores the overlap of sensory experiences, translating the movement of a performer into sound with movement sensors, heart rate monitors, instruments, and more.

Contemporary circus featuring live music and high level skills that the whole family can enjoy.


Presented by: Winter Cyan

Winter is a musician, sound designer, and circus artist whose love of the creative arts and the stage have led her to work as an acrobat, a multi-instrumentalist, a sound engineer, and composer. She is particularly interested in interdisciplinary art, and the Arts’ capacity for expression and connection, and is passionate about creating stronger positive representation and opportunity for queer folk and diverse voices through her work.

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