A photo of a person animatedly talking into a microphone. They have brown curly hair and they are wearing a black long sleeved shirt and black and cream coloured striped pants.


Theatre and Physical Theatre • Spoken Word
Australia • World Premiere
Two-time Australian Poetry Slam finalist Caroline Reid and composer/musician Jeffrey Zhang plumb the depths of intimate human relationships in this bold, energetic and unconventional new work. Blending poetry/story/comedy and live digital music with a consistent element of surprise, SIARAD pulses with images of stars and stray dogs, highways with no horizon and mothers with fading memories. Reid's ferocious honesty, sensitivity and acuity leaps off the stage, fuelled by personal experience and acute social observation. Supported by Zhang's innovative soundtrack, this is storytelling at its best. You'll laugh out loud and other times feel like you've been punched in the heart.

"A great introduction to poetry and flash fiction for the uninitiated" Glam Adelaide.

Presented by: Spineless Wonders

SPINELESS WONDERS is a multi-platform publishing company devoted to short, quality fiction and prose poetry produced by Australian writers. Founded by Bronwyn Mehan in 2011, Spineless Wonders has expanded from a print, digital and audio publishing house to a short story production company working collaboratively with authors and artists across many disciplines to get short fiction out into the world – everywhere. Productions include live multi-platform performances, microflix film festivals, storybombing in the community and short fiction festivals. SIARAD contains poetry and stories from Caroline Reid's debut collection of the same name published under the Spineless Wonders imprint, ES-Press in 2020.