"Invoking Piranesi, 2020" by Mulloway Studio. It's a model based on the former Shed 26 in Port Adelaide. The wharf-shed's demolition in 2019 came after it was granted heritage listing, with the then government siding with the developers and reversing the heritage listing, ignoring the community's long protest campaign to save the shed. The model is made of plywood, with windows and door openings cut from the walls so that you can view the interior. It sits over an illuminated mirrored box containing images of archeological material and found objects.
A photo of part of the crowd who came to the opening of "Vessel" in 2020. On the left can be seen a gold framed photograph by Narelle Autio titled "Goana Number 1, 2002" showing the part of a dead body of a goanna from a series of road kill images  called "Indifference". In the foreground to the right can be seen a part of Hossein Valamanesh's installation from 1985 titled "Sifting through, gold was found here", mixed media. The crowd are standing around inside this beautiful industrial space, chatting with each other.
An image of part of the crowd from our 2023 opening of "BILGE", with Quentin Gore's "Low life" made from reclaimed French oak barrel stays hanging on the left and Trevor Wren's "ship of the desert" made from found object including a large rope cargo net hanging on the right. Andrew Purvis, Curator of the Adelaide Central Gallery, can be seen opening the exhibition in the background.


That bodged together iron clad building in the back yard where workbenches, shelving and the family's forgotten history live. It could be a shed for cows, shearing or boats; the man cave or the she shed. Or it could be the flaked off, discarded, junked, scrapped, the gotten rid of. Shed a tear, shed some light, shed your inhibitions. Once a year, a group of contemporary visual artists get together to produce work in response to a single word, this year’s word is SHED. The words we’ve responded to in the past (since 2009) have been words with a Port-centric theme as the exhibitions have taken place in the Port:  RUST | SALT | TAR | SMOKE | KNOT | GRIT | GRAIN | BRIDGE | VESSEL | BILGE | HOLD. Never predictable, often accidental, sometimes unruly and provocative, always pretty wonderful.

To learn more about our collective and our exhibitions that have taken place over the last 15 years, go to www.rustsalttar.com

Visual Arts and Design • Contemporary
South Australia

Fri, 16 Feb - Sun, 17 Mar

11am-4pm, Fri 16 Feb: 6:30-9:30pm

Packing Shed

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