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Shamanic Cacao Ceremony Sound Journey

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Jay Hoad and his partner Nicole Tretiakov have spent the last 12 months sharing 'Shamanic Cacao Ceremony Sound Journey' experiences around the world.

The effect of ceremonial grade cacao is known for generating somewhat of a gentle expansive feeling, assisting with deeper connection, unlocking spiritual channels, releasing negative emotions, and most importantly opening the heart chakra.

When we combine this ancient tradition with the frequencies and pulses from instruments such as Didgeridoos, Medicine Drums, Cosmic Tone drums, Rife Frequencies etc, it deepens the experience dramatically, enhancing the euphoric possibilities and the inner connection.

We will also be sharing sacred knowledge in yogic principles, kundalini and tantra.

Come dive deep and take a journey with us.

Presented by:
Jay Hoad and Nicole Tretiakov

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Synergy Yoga and Pilates

2 Keen Ave, Glenelg East, SA, 5045

Adelaide Yoga Flow

Level 1, 237-239 Unley Rd, Malvern, SA, 5061

Investigator Room at Eat at Whalers

121 Franklin Parade, Encounter Bay, SA, 5211