Shad Wicka | Well, Well, Well - Comedian Shad Wicka, holding an unplugged table lamp in one hand and its electrical lead in the other hand, staring off camera with a look of enthusiastic bewilderment.

Shad Wicka | Well, Well, Well

What do adult shops, crisis support helplines, and royally upsetting a former Prime Minister all have in common? Well, well, well - they’re just a few of the speedbumps in Shad Wicka’s life that has led him to a rock solid hour of stand-up comedy. Fast-paced, funny and full of twists and turns, don't miss out on catching one of Queensland's finest.


Shad is also one half of the late-night, cult comedy sensation ‘Shad and Pete Save the World!’, which has made a name for itself as the premier after-hours experience of the Australian Festival circuit. It’s loose, it’s boozy and absolutely anything can happen!

'Shad and Pete Save the World!' is also playing at the Kingfisher in Gluttony every weekend for the duration of the Adelaide Fringe. Tickets available at

Comedy • Stand-up
Queensland • World Premiere

Tue, 05 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

50 min

The Squeaker (open-air) at Gluttony - Rymill Park

$22 to $25

M15+ (4 Warnings)

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