A young woman sits by the side of a swimming pool reading Romeo and Juliet whilst a young man in the pool gazes up at her.
A young man jumps into a swimming pool behind a young woman leaning on the edge of the pool.
A young woman leans on the edge of the swimming pool ignoring the loud splash behind her.

Sex, Love and Youth - a Shakespearan Soiree

Welcome to 'Sex, Love and Youth - a Shakespearean soiree'. A selection of bon mots, best bits and party tricks, all with the flavour of Shakespeare. We start our performance in fair Verona with the story of its two most famous teenagers, Romeo and Juliet. You probably know this famous play as a tragedy... well, not today. We're just going to do the fun bits.

We are a small band of travelling players, and just as in mediaeval times, we travel anywhere and turn that 'anywhere' into whatever we want it to be. The glorious ballroom at Ayers House and the community space of Diverse-City will become Sicily, Padua and of course, Verona. The audience will become lords, ladies, serving wenches and filthy peasants.


At Diverse-City, 'Meal & Show' and 'Show Only' options are available. Times are: meal 6:00pm, show 7:30pm.

Diverse-City: For any specific dietary requirements in your Meal & Show ticket, please contact: events@diverse-city.com.au - 0432 167 179

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Drama
New South Wales • World Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Tue, 20 Feb

see web copy for duration and session details

The Ballroom at Ayers House (+1 more)

$35 - $90

PG (1 Warning)

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At Diverse-City, times are: meal 6:00pm, show 7:30pm.

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