Sewer Rat Girl - Picture of Sewer Rat Girl (wearing rat ears and buck teeth). She is peering over a green flat with her hands. Sewer Rat Girl is written in yellow on the backdrop behind.

Sewer Rat Girl

Comedy • LGBTQIA+
Queensland • SA Premiere

Life above ground getting you down? Is the sun shining too brightly on your deep insecurities? Would you prefer a hairy body and night vision eyes but worry there's no place in the world for you? Well, you'll love SEWER RAT GIRL. The rat-human hybrid who’s rejected reality!

You are invited into the bowels of the earth to revel in a stinky stanky fantasy. Marvel at Sewer Rat Girl’s bodily functions! Gasp at her sordid past! Cheer at her shiny sewer future! If you’ve ever felt that there might be something quite profound to your scurrying, nibbling, never-showering rodent ways then prepare to resonate!

"Sewer Rat Girl is a festival show, a crowd-pleaser with a brave performer who is taking advantage of her time on the stage to test herself in a thousand different ways..." NEHIB 2021


Presented by: Siobhan Gibbs

Siobhan Gibbs is a performance artist in Meanjin working across theatre, queer club performance, events, and community work. Graduating QUT in 2017, Siobhan embarked on finding a space in the cracks of capitalism, burrowing down into art as revolution. Creating her solo work, SEWER RAT GIRL which debuted in 2021, it allowed her to celebrate all the facets of her practice by slamming together. Working with Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, Common People Dance, Chance Collective, and Backbone, Siobhan has nurtured her practice by embracing her community and position in the local arts scene. Her club drag persona, Gogo Bumhole has allowed Siobhan to perform across nightlife stages such as The Brightside, The Wickham and The Tivoli. Siobhan is READY for Adelaide fringe, she hopes you are too!