A classic life coach headshot of a talented lifecoaching smiling in a trustworthy way.
A shot of the life coach looking very comfortable in the outdoors, displaying a small portion of the light that makes it seem as though there is a halo behind him.  This conveys that not only is the guru powerful and wise, but fallible and down to earth.
A classic lifecoach head shot with a new age twist. Obvious psychic powers are on display here, with a wise exotic hat and a powerful look in his mysterious eyes.

Self Help Yourself with Bill Egan

Comedy • Stand-up
South Australia • World Premiere

Bill Egan: Comedian / Life coach + Motivational Guru will take you on an interactive journey through the world of self-help with tarot cards, past life regression hypnosis, guided meditation and other skills he learnt on the internet. Bring your problems to get sorted out or come witness him transform the lives of others. 

Bill once attended a free introduction to life-coaching course where they said "If you can BELIEVE it you can ACHIEVE it!"  Some people said it was the ground floor of a pyramid scheme, but Bill saw it for the beautiful gift that it was.  When they tried to sign him up for further Life Coach training Bill said 'I BELIEVE I'm already a Life Coach'. 

He's like Tony Robbins, Dr Phil and Gwenyth Paltrow all in one! No two shows will be the same.

Come and become a Billiever!


Presented by: Bill Egan

Bill Egan wasted years becoming an up-and-coming darling of the London comedy circuit before some plague destroyed the world we knew. He was living on a broken down boat with no running water at the time, so decided he’d better head home to the tender bosom of Mother Adelaide.
Bill spent most of his adult life abroad, performing in places like the USA, Canada, Luxembourg and Oktoberfest in Munich. His Edinburgh Fringe debut saw him earn rave reviews while he slept in a soaking tent next to the mould-ridden van he’d bought to live in. It’s what he does.
Bob Hawke once told Bill he could be Prime Minister one day if he wanted to. He doesn’t.
“Bill Egan is Adelaide’s very own wacky side character in all the right ways. Bursting with creativity, irony, self awareness and wit…”

This show is highly interractive. When you enter, you have a choice of three stickers. A red one means you are just there to watch, an orange means 'I might be up for a chat after this beer' and green means 'help me Bill, let's talk'.