Cha Cha Crab Claw, Terrance the Turtle, My Fishy Whippy, Wally the Walrus and Daphne Dolphin, costume characters
Wall the Walrus, Daphne Dolphin and Cha Cha Crab Claw costume characters.
SeaStar Rock performing at Dolphin Day to children and families.

SeaStar Rock

• Music
South Australia

Hop aboard this interactive, musical, rocking family party, with all the characters from the famed, locally produced TV series on Adelaide's Channel 44.

Kids will be up singing, dancing and playing games as they help navigate the oceans on an exciting eco adventure! With sell out crowds at Adelaide Fringe, the show was recommended as the "Top 5 Things to do with Kids”, The Advertiser.

Highlights will include: Helping Paddy Polar Bear bring back the snow, creating a colourful coral reef with Cha Cha Crab, and surfing waves with Snappy Starfish as he takes on the plastic bag monsters! From the bluesy beats of 'Blue Boppin Whale’ to the dance floor filler 'Jelly Fish Fizzies', parents love the SeaStar songs as much as the kids do! Old favourites and new tunes to rock to! Three shows only!


Presented by: SeaStar Rock Productions

Lucy Rasheed is the creative genius behind the SeaStar world. She and her team have kids all around Australia dancing to the current album, with 25 songs on streaming apps, a TV series on Channel 44 and new music in development.

Lucy is a teacher specialising in performing arts ( B.Ed, Drama Specialist) who has been educating and entertaining children in UK, Australia and Sri Lanka for 16 years. She is a London trained actor.
The talented cast include Rachael Horbelt, Lauren Clark and Kate Bonney, who bring the characters' quirky personalities to life through the colourful costumes and dance moves. With a focus on sustainability, the show covers a range of environmental issues, from the effects of climate change to the war on waste, through catchy songs, funky dances and loads of fun!

Reviews & Fringefeed Reacts

  • There’s games like musical arctic icebergs and every song has a dance as well, so they’re on their feet the whole time! - Anna Rose, Scenestr Magazine