Savages - An unlaced child’s shoe lying on its side in the mud.


A school camp. Seven friends. A game, a campfire story, and a monster.  

Ten years on, at the St Nicholas of Myra Primary School reunion, six young adults discuss the events of that night. A decade has passed since last they spoke. Plied with nostalgia and with drink, they begin to tell each other a long-forgotten story. Savage children. A boy who slipped through the cracks. And a campfire story made madly, impossibly true. 

Performed by Curious Roach Collective, 'Savages' is a new Australian play that asks us, what happens when the adults look away? And who is responsible for the children?

2024 Curious Roach Collective


Please note that alcohol and cigarettes, including e-cigarettes and vapes, are not permitted in the venue. Event not suitable for anyone under 16 years.

Theatre and Physical Theatre • New Writing
South Australia • World Premiere

Fri, 23 Feb - Mon, 26 Feb

100 min

Goodwood Community Centre

$17 to $24

M15+ (6 Warnings)

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