Sanaa Exhibition

• Multicultural
An exciting showcase of work from visual artists involved in the Sanaa multi-arts festival platform, including an award-winning Ugandan photographer, a Zambian artist exploring female identity, a Ghanaian installation artist, a leading South African contemporary artist, new street artists from East Africa and South Australian artists.

Sanaa Exhibition returns for its third year, with a brand new line up of exceptionally talented African and South Australian artists.

Image : PapaShotIt (Uganda)

Presented by: Sanaa Ink

As a not-for-profit organisation, Sanaa Ink through Sanaa: A better world through creativity, promote the power of art and creativity in bridging gaps, challenging perceptions and increasing intercultural understanding. Using music, visual art, street art, performance, workshops and story telling, we explore a diverse world of cultures. Working with grassroots artists from parts of the world who possess an incredible raw talent, we bring them to Australia, creating a collaborative multi-art festival platform, working with artists from a cross sector of the community.