Safety Banana

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Masonic - Owl Room at Gluttony - Masonic Lodge North Terrace

254 North Tce, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Entrance is to the right of the main entrance to the building

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Scaled jacinda 158

About this event

The story of a solo female traveler backpacking around the world. Safety Banana is a one woman show that will take you on a journey to the realisation that "it's OK to be you". Be immersed in a playful, powerful and hilarious world where being confident, single and yourself is OK.
I travel with a safety banana at the end of my bed. Believe me when I say it's gotten me through thick and thin. I've had some crazy adventures, but s**t's about to get real because I'm recently 30 and been put on the shelf by my family.
Safety Banana was created from the realisation that society is placing women on the shelf and giving us a use-by date. In a world where stability is often traded for adventure, "I want it all," says producer Jacinda Patty.

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