Ryan Mason Disappoints His Parents - A long-haired guy in a fun shirt holding a microphone

Ryan Mason Disappoints His Parents

In his first ever solo show, Ryan Mason will try to figure out how to make his father proud. He will be completely oblivious to the fact that stand-up comedy has never made any parent proud, ever. Don’t see a show by somebody you’ve heard of this Fringe, watch a twenty-one year old local boy try to repair a rocky relationship with his old man!

This is a show for anyone who loves stories about family holidays, tragic theatre kids, and the voice in your head that constantly tells you that you're unlovable!

Comedy • Solo show
South Australia • World Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Sat, 24 Feb

60 min

Alley Cat at Rhino Room

$20 to $25

M15+ (4 Warnings)

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