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Ruby Slipper Chronicles - Event image

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"This is sweeter than missing a lego in the carpet!" ~Gabriel Buehrig, brother-in-law.

This Kansas girl tells you the true tale of her bizarre journey (with song, but no dance; she has standards), since being whisked away to the land of AUS, and the strange realisation that her life is following an all too familiar story down the yellow brick road. Be guided with hilarious, evocative tales, drawn into newly transformed songs of all styles. Slippers will be snatched, wizards debunked, witches defeated, and loyal companions made. After all, this is a life story in fabulous stolen shoes.

...Oh, who are we kidding? Of course she'll dance. Poorly.

Presented by:
Call This Guy and Aurelie Roque

It has been an eventful journey for Aurélie since she touched down in Australia over five years ago and in this time, she has become a staple addition to the Brisbane and Gold Coast’s theatre scenes. She is no stranger to the cabaret life either, after catching the bug at the esteemed NY-style cabaret bar: Bar Natasha. Since then, she has written and performed in many cabarets, gaining awards and accolades along the way.

"Aurelie Roque is the ideal cabaret performer." ~Stage Whispers

"[A] powerhouse vocalist."

"Roque deserves a special mention for her fabulously straight face and comic timing."

"Pay attention to Roque — her voice could knock down a billboard."

She's still working on making that a reality.

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