A man in a pink balaclava stands inside a cartoon illustration of a hellish looking mouth.

Ross Purdy - Afterbirth from a Hellmouth

Ross Purdy has had a hell of a year. After winning Season 12 of Celebrity Brain Lobotomy, the release of his Foxtel Binge exclusive biopic Purds and going viral after licking a possum, he once again hits the stage for this special charity event to help solve the cost of living crisis*

Ross will drool his slob-servational git wit to prove why he’s the top La Porchetta coupon-earning Aussie comedian and voice of a degeneration.  

*All profits from ticket sales will go towards the World Pieces Foundation to fund a new A+ Bomb to blow open a hellmouth. 

A Caligula orgy of nihil-ha-ha-ism, a bamboozling deluge of non-sequiturs, nonsensical wordplay, body horror and punk music. 
Ross Purdy plays Ross Purdy in this alternate reality alternative comedy, and puts the “destruction” in “deconstructionist anti-comedy stand up”.

Comedy • Absurdist
Victoria • Australian Premiere

Mon, 11 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

60 min

Discover Room at ARTHUR ARTHOUSE

$10 to $20

M (4 Warnings)

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