Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are

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1 Venue

The Breakout at The Mill

154 Angas St, Ground Floor, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Content warnings: PG

Depicts Violence:

Occasional, Mild

Other Warnings:

Loud noises, Smoke Effects

Scaled 42177526 308272393317298 179263645648158720 n

About this event

When thrust into a world you cannot control and confronting a future not of your own making, would you leave your fate to the toss of a coin? A fast, funny, frenzied surreal tragicomedy - compelled into existence by not being able to get the rights to another play.

Presented by a fresh, fierce new generation of Adelaide theatre-makers, this existential comedy will make you laugh and also think about death. A lot.

Presented by:
Poppy Mee

Poppy Mee is a theatre-maker from Adelaide and can only deal with existential questions if they come in the form of jokes or baked goods.