Iris goes in... - A photo of a persons face that has long black hair. There are several other hands touching the person’s face, hair and shoulders.

Iris goes in...

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Performance Art
Victoria • SA Premiere
Iris goes in... is a poetic descent into the inner underworld of Iris.

Iris is at a crossroads.

Everything is changing. Instead of fighting the change, she begins to witness her habits, thoughts and emotions, seeking a new level of freedom.

Iris goes in... is a sweet, raw, grotesque and wild exploration of the human psyche and one woman's desire to find and live her true nature.

Inspired by the myth of Inanna, the Sumerian Queen of Heaven and Earth, and her descent into the underworld, Iris goes in... merges poetry, visual art and soundscapes to immerse viewers into their own personal underground.

Presented by: Anatolia H.K.