Image of a person tied in rope and suspended in the air.
Image of 2 people on stage, one with bamboo tied to their arms, looking towards the other person who is moving the bamboo with their hand.

Risque Rope

Peer Rope Adelaide Inc are back to tantalise your senses, evoke emotion and show you what Shibari Rope Art can do.
Local and Interstate Performers will invite you into their rope journey and share with you what Shibari Rope means to them.

Tantalising, captivating, thrilling, cheeky sexy and seductive, everything you will want to see this fringe season! 

Last year was a sell out, these shows are not to be missed!


Peer Rope Adeladie Inc is a Not for Profit educational space, teaching the Japanese art form of Shibari. We are a Volunteer run committee elected by members to provide a safe and welcoming space for those with likeminded interests. 

Theatre and Physical Theatre

Fri, 08 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

80 min

Main Room at Peer Rope Adelaide Studio

$25 to $35

R18+ (4 Warnings)

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