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Basic physical movement required for participation

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About this event

Whether you are a gym junkie or the thought of group exercise makes you cringe, you will love this event!

Not your regular exercise class, 'Rise & Shine' is a workout for the body AND the mind where you will be led through different physical movements whilst your mind is taken on a journey you won't soon forget.

In today's busy world, we sometimes dedicate time and energy to keeping our physical bodies in shape but don't often give that same attention to keeping our minds healthy. This event offers an introduction to doing both...at the same time!

Affectionately known as 'mindfulness for those who hate sitting still', it will leave you feeling refreshed, reinvigorated, and ready to attack the day as well as some of your inner demons.

Wear comfortable clothes and prepare to sweat!

Important information:
Basic physical movement required for participation.

Presented by:
Kyla Michelle

Kyla is a humanitarian at heart who has had a lifelong love for performing arts.

Adelaide born and bred, Kyla spent much of her childhood and teenage years on stage in musical theatre and dance productions.

As an adult, Kyla’s career as an aid worker has seen her travel the world multiple times, being moved and inspired by various global issues. With ‘Rise & Shine’, she has created something that aims to bring light to one of these global issues; the increase and prevalence of mental illness.

She feels privileged to have the opportunity to share this creation with a public audience for the first time ever, here in her home town, and hopes this events inclusion in the Fringe Festival will have a long-lasting positive impact on Adelaide festival goers.

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