Rich Bitch - A Parody of Law Of Attraction Gurus

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Basement Level, 15-17 Featherstone Pl, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

We're at the end of the alleyway

The Balcony Room at The Griffins Hotel

38 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

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Non-sexual adult-world themes that will be unrelatable to children

Scaled adl2020

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Some call it a scam. Some, "nothing short of a cult". But social media Visibility Queen and Abundance Mindset Guru Casha Bling can show YOU how to be as rich and #blessed as you desire and deserve. It's not a (service-based) pyramid scheme, hun! It's a TOTALLY LEGIT *ehem* spoof masterclass on how to make those $10k or $20k months and become a #BizBabe (or #BizBro, guys are welcome!)
After a successful run of her comedy about procrastination, Cristina Lark is back, now as a satirical character in this parody of the modern get-rich-quick "programs" that flood the US$1bi online coaching industry. Funny but dark, this show is Poe's Law at its finest, as it gets scarily close to the real thing, exposing not only the BS, but also psychological manipulation, unchecked privilege and veiled racism

Presented by:
Cristina Lark

Actress, comedian and public speaking coach, Cristina Lark is now location independent, having lived and performed in the UK (where she completed an MA at RADA), Australia, Spain and Brazil. She’s bringing her unique blend of humour, sharp take on life and weird accent to the Adelaide Fringe for the third time, with her world premiere show: 'Rich Bitch - A Parody of Law Of Attraction Gurus'. BE THERE, or the universe will send you no abundance. Reviews (to previous works) include ★★★★1/2 "Lark is absolutely stone-cold hilarious. She is a clever comedian at the top of her game" The Fourth Wall (Perth). "It's hard not to love Cristina Lark. She's a talented comedienne. A delightful speaker and a great actress" EdFringeReview (Edinburgh). "Brilliantly delivered” Weekend Notes (Adelaide)

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