"Rhapsody in Chicago Blues" with Pianist Tim Barton

Music • Classical
Piano music by Bach, Mozart, Schumann, Gershwin and Joplin. Also featuring original compositions by Tim including Blues, Ragtime and improvisational piano pieces. Born and raised on the blues, Chicago pianist Tim Barton plays blues/boogie-woogie piano. When combined with classical piano pieces, his recital covers many styles of music which makes for an enjoyable 90 minute program. A highlight is Tim's own arrangement of Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blues". Early jazz ragtime works by Scott Joplin and Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton combined with Tim's original blues piano make a great sound! Visit www.TimBartonPiano.com for more and thanks for your interest. Last years performances of this recital were sold out!

Presented by: Tim Barton

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago - "The home of the blues", the singular Chicago Jazz scene along with folk, roots rock and life in the late 60's and early 70's gave Tim a wondrous immersion in musical influence, allowing him to create a “Language through the piano”, speaking all sounds of music.
Currently, Tim divides his time between collaboration with other musicians and working alone at the computer. Creating his current release “Tim Barton at the Piano” and designing web-sites TimBartonPiano.com and TimBartonMusic.com is building towards Tim’s goal of providing music, travel and learning for everyone.
2018 Fringe performance of "Rhapsody in Chicago Blues" was a huge success. Now in 2019 Tim will repeat that performance and also add a brand new show "PRELUDE" Chopin,Debussy,Jazz