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“Everything in moderation, including moderation” Oscar Wilde

'RETOX' is a testament to excess. Leave your liver cleanse at the door; things are about to get debaucherous!
Packed to the rafters with award-winning international circus artists from Cirque du Soleil and Melbourne Theatre Company.
This circus cabaret will leave you ravenous for more.

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Presented by:
Fish and Moo Productions

Fish and Moo Productions is the brainchild of Sam Hryckow, a circus artist of 20 years, and Melody Webb an international lawyer. This unlikely Dharma and Greg duo, after touring the world in their various professional capacities of entertaining and protecting human rights have returned to Australia to form Fish and Moo Productions. We even managed to squeeze out three kids along the way.

Fish and Moo Productions is dedicated to breathing an Australian voice and telling Australian stories through the medium of circus cabaret. Australia’s tendency towards culture cringe has seen many companies trying to imitate their European counterparts and the result can be, well, more than a tad wanky.

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