Image of singer Amelie Peters holding a white retail bag with black ribbon in a black suit jacket, pair of black pants and a black sequin bandeau. She has red curled hair and has a cheeky smile with red lipstick!
Left image is Amelie posing as her pop culture character 'Karen' in her retail reality "uniform" (black suit jacket, black pants and sequin top) with the iconic 'Karen' wig. 

Right Image Amelie Peters wearing her retail "uniform" holding a microphone with her red hair down. She is wearing bedazzled sunglasses and a rhinestoned fanny pack across her chest.
Left image is Amelie playing and singing at a wooden baby grand piano in her retail reality "uniform" (black suit jacket, black pants and sequin top) with the iconic 'Karen' wig. 

Right Image Amelie Peters holding up both middle fingers with her red hair down. She has a cheeky smile and is in her retail "uniform."

Retail Reality

Cabaret • Comedy
South Australia

3.5 years, 197 casual shifts and 494 bottles of red wine was all it took for Amelie to realise that the #retaillyf was not for her. Was it the anxiety inducing irregular work hours or was it Karen? If you’ve done a Sunday morning shift with a shocking hangover, had locked jaw from that patronising retail grin or wanted to flip your monthly sales goals the finger, then this show is for you! And if you haven’t, come join Amelie for an educational pity party that celebrates and commiserates the realities of the retail life. 
Because let’s face it, s**t's getting retail. 

★★★★½ "Her cabaret etiquette is faultless." Glam Adelaide

★★★★½ "Nothing is vocally off limits for this young lady!" Theatre Travels

★★★★½ "Retail Reality is full of attitude, sass, and no f**ks given." The Curious Writer

Presented by: Amelie Peters

Amelie Peters is an award winning, classically trained vocalist, performer, songwriter and an accredited vocal coach.

She holds a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice (Performance and Pedagogy) from the Elder Conservatorium of Adelaide. Amelie’s professional performance work includes Carmen (2019) and Carmina Burana (2020) with the State Opera of South Australia as well as successful tours in Australia and the US, where Amelie was invited to sing at the Soho Playhouse in New York City.

She is the recipient of the Helpmann Academy's Creative Investment Fellowship Grant in 2021, which covered expenses of Retail Reality’s 2022 tour to Fringe World Festival in Perth, as well as the Adelaide Fringe Festival where she debuted in the world-renowned venue, Gluttony.

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