Two different people who are, in fact, the same person face off, ready to fight.

Redneck Greenie - Confessions of an Ozymoron.

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Comedy
Northern Territory

Redneck Greenie straddles the genres of stand-up comedy, impro, story-telling, satire and physical theatre. It's Brechtian Cabaret, Aussie style.

This show hilariously smashes together two diametrically opposed social viewpoints. Two rival personalities fight it out as one bloke navigates his inner conflict in outrageous and poignantly funny ways. This is a true blue, red and green yarn of Aussie dumb. Several yarns, in fact. 

Audience choose from over 80 stories like: Fear in Tangier; Imagineer Candy Man; Croc Crossing; The Dumbest Thing; A*sehole Angel; Clown Cops and Fringe Criminals. Every show is different. Playing live original songs, farmboy, actor, comedian and NT Greens candidate Robbie Hoad masterfully weaves fantastically ridiculous true tales. He’s done all the dumb things!


The performance on 24/02/2023 has changed times from 6:30pm to 8:00pm since the Adelaide Fringe Guide was printed.

Presented by: Wagtale

Rob Hoad studied Theatre Arts in Adelaide with Off-Broadway, Adelaide Cabaret Festival and Adelaide Fringe founder Frank Ford. Rob moved to Darwin in 1990 and has been an eclectic freelance performing artist and educator throughout the NT ever since. From actor with Darwin Theatre Company and Brown’s Mart Theatre to Stilt-walking clown, international street performer, director of ‘Darwin versus Matilda’, award winning comedian, poet and short filmmaker as well as songwriter and the notorious ‘Barry Brown’ in ‘Barry Brown and the GetDown’, Rob’s bold adaptability makes him ‘ready for anything’, including touring Europe with shows in Edinburgh Fringe as part of the madcap ‘Alice Springs Desert Patrol’. He grew up on a farm where “if there’s a job to be done, you just get stuck in and do it!"