Red Fez Tours The Fringe

• Cross-Artform
Can't decide what to see? Let our tour guides take you on a magical mystery tour of the Fringe.  Learn some fringe history, meet some fringe personalities, and tread the path less trodden.  You may see the best show in the fringe that no one else has yet to see,  or an absolute howler, the trainwreck you can't stop talking about for years!  Either way, it will be a great night out.   Each tour is at least 2 shows but probably more - On Fri/Sat at least 3 shows finishing at a major hub. (Last year we did manage 3 and 4 shows every tour but we cannot guarantee this)   If you have already seen one of our mystery shows you will be given an opportunity to join us again for a different show on another night or the tour guide my split the group depending on seat availability for quality shows.  

Presented by: Red Fez Productions

Red Fez Concepts are producers and product designers who bring new and exciting concepts to the market. Our speciality is fusing two existing concepts and designs or adding new technology to an existing concept to produce something new and exciting. Sometimes we just fuse arts and science, business and science or arts and business together and enjoy the results.

This is a walking tour within a fringe precinct. There can be approximately 700m of walking between shows. If you miss the start of the tour, the starting location will be able to get in touch with us so that you can meet the tour.