RATify - A large friendly rat stands upright against a soft pink background wearing a tiara.


• Science
South Australia • World Premiere

Digital interactive theatre starring innovative native rodents, Greater Stick-nest Rats (Wopilkara). This matriarchal guinea-pig-sized cutie builds huge nests out of sticks glued with their sticky urine lasting thousands of years!!

Unsung heroes of the native rodent world and champions of innovative survival skills that embody the ‘Aussie battler’ spirit, Stickies could easily feature on an episode of Grand Designs with their multi-level stick nests!


Wildlife Biologists: Drs Isabelle R Onley, Pete Copley, Katherine Moseby, Katherine Tuft

Writer/Actor/Camera-operator/Composer: Gigi Pinwill ('Bettongs and Buddies!')

Writer/Producer: Mark Knight (McLeod’s Daughters)

DOP: Stefanie Roske 

Illustration: David Daradan

Digital Theater Advisers: Nicol Cabe, Doug Bayne

Supported by Inspire SA

Presented by: DunnART Productions

DunnART Productions recognizes the power of performing arts to speak to diverse populations about critical issues such as wildlife conservation. When audiences attend performances and put themselves in a position of suspended disbelief, they can accept that anything may happen. A native rat may be cute and cuddly; a child can learn what it's like to be a Stick-nest Rat - and, by extension, what native rats need for secure ecosystems. There is great potential to generate understanding and empathy for the characters we see in performance, and even translate those into positive environmental behaviours in post-performance.

At DunnART, we apply our dynamic storytelling skills into compelling theatre experiences for young audiences; and educate them on wildlife biology and stewardship!

Recommended to bring a smart device to digitally interact - optional.