Three astronauts looking quite confusedly in front of them.
A woman with an alien like headpiece looks to the sky
A man enthusiastically holds another man, who is scowling at what he sees in front of him.  A woman with long black hair is tring to convince him too.  All three are wearing astronuat suits.

Rabbits On A Red Planet - A New Australian Sci Fi Musical

The New Australian Sci Fi Musical, Rabbits On A Red Planet shows the upheaval that has gripped Planet Earth, Giant Mutant Rabbits run amok, while political instability abounds. 

But there’s hope!

With the help of an ambitious trillionaire, Mars has been converted through the wonders of Biophysics into a habitable, greening paradise. The only problem is getting there.

An intrepid crew of three, aboard robotically controlled ships, hurtle throughspace.

They face disasters on their perilous journey, but when they arrive on the newly transformed Mars, what will they find? The answers aresurprising.

Following a successful season in Sydney in 2023, Carrot and Stick Productions are pleased to bring this exciting new musical to the 2024 Adelaide Fringe.

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Musical theatre
New South Wales • SA Premiere

Tue, 05 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

60 min

Main Theatre at Goodwood Theatre and Studios


PG (4 Warnings)

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