Quest Time!

Comedy / Gaming
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A group of intrepid adventurers go on an epic quest based on your suggestions! Watch as the performers hilariously fumble their way through levelling-up, saving throws, and spell casting; all while exposing dark and sinister plots.

For lovers of fantasy roleplaying or improv comedy! Answer the call to adventure!

Quest Time! was developed by Eden Trebilco and Joshua Kapitza in 2016 and first staged at the Bakehouse Theatre as part of Improv Adelaide's 2017 season. Due to the success of that run, the show was brought back as part of Improv Adelaide's 2018 season at The Duke Of Brunswick. Apart from a preview show at Live On 5 in 2017, 2019 will be the first Fringe season for Quest Time!

Presented by:
Improv Adelaide

Event info


The Adelaide Room at The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

207 Gilbert St, Adelaide, SA, 5000