person laying on purple couch with a disco ball underneath their foot with fruit on their arm.
in a faded image, you can see a person in silver dress and green tights laying on a couch with their legs raised in the hair, with the pulp title over the image.
a person in green tights and silver heels steps on a bitten apple with fruit scattered on the ground with a purple couch behind them


Three words…. Dripping fruit, catharsis & contemporary dance. 

Pulp is a performance art club night for all. Taking place at Therapy Cocktail Bar, in the first week and last week of the 2024 season of Adelaide Fringe. 

Curated by four of Adelaide queer artists; Amelia Watson, Alix Kuijpers and Co-Founders of Alchemy Collective, Kate Burgess and Caroline De Wan. 

Pulp is a platform for play where fruit is used as the messy metaphor for sexuality.

Explore the vulnerability around our narratives, enter our worlds & taste the nectar that is both our hurt and joy.

Due to this event being held in a basement bar, it is not wheelchair accessible. Drinks and Snacks available for purchase at venue.

Dance • Immersive
South Australia • World Premiere

Sun, 18 Feb - Fri, 15 Mar

5 hr

Basement Bar at Therapy Cocktail Bar

$13 to $15

R18+ (2 Warnings)

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