Prue has short brown wavy hair. She is wearing a grey dress. She is looking up with a curious expression on her face. The background is orange.

Prue Blake - Concrete Pigs

Are we living in vibrant cities full of colour and street art or is it all just lipstick on a concrete pig?

Former RAW Comedy winner and good girl Prue Blake takes you galivanting through the carnal pleasures of cities in her boldest performance yet. There will be a risk of chafing.

This show will assure you that it isn’t your fault life hasn’t turned out quite as you planned. It’s just town planning.

So, sit back and watch the fireworks through a prosecco haze, it's good for morale.

Recipient – Moosehead Award 2023
Winner – Raw Comedy 2021

★★★★ Time Out
“Prue Blake is what makes the comedy festival so great.” Theatre Travels
“Have been a big fan of Prue Blake since I clocked eyes on her. She hit the ground funny!” Anne Edmonds

Directed by Maggie Looke.

Comedy • Stand-up
SA Premiere

Tue, 12 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

60 min

Hell's Kitchen at Rhino Room

$24 to $29

M (1 Warning)

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