World Premiere

Proximal Orbit

Visual Arts and Design / Photography
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It can be difficult to participate in the exploration of deep space if you're not an astronaut.

Unable to accept this reality, Steph Fuller creates her own documentation of the final frontier, casting common objects and the human body as extraterrestrial landscapes and curiosities from the great vacuum.

Come and be challenged by this immersive photographic & moving-image exhibition.

Free artist talk, Sat 23 Feb, 1-2pm.

Presented by:
Steph Fuller

Steph Fuller is a South Australian visual artist working with photography and video. Her work casts ordinary objects as extraordinary things, favouring the use of insects and the human body in this endeavour.

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68-72 Gibson St, Bowden, SA, 5007

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68-72 Gibson St, Bowden, SA, 5007

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Age Suitability: G

Family Friendly: Yes

Nudity Level: Occasional, Mild

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