Professor Flint’s Dinosaurs Down Under

Join us on a musical adventure for the whole family to the extraordinary world that was prehistoric Australia.

Come face to face with "Jack the Slasher" in the world's first known dinosaur stampede. Discover the truth behind real-life prehistoric drop bears, or as Prof Flint calls them... Giant scissor-toothed possums!

Along the way, sing and dance your way on a musical journey to discover the incredible dinosaurs that once roamed, stomped, munched and roared across Australia!

Presented by: Arielle Conversi

Arielle Conversi is a comic based in San Diego. An anthropologist at heart, Arielle's merry-go-round narratives of life among the culturally fringe are both humanizing and hilarious. Arielle's eye for the truth has earned her the respect of audiences across the world; she has performed at fringe festivals across the US, Australia and Europe.