Prinnie Stevens in LADY SINGS THE BLUES - A headshot photo of a woman resting her head in her hand. She has a large white flower on the side of her head and a silver earring. Her brown fringe is combed over and slightly covers her right eye. Her makeup is soft.

Prinnie Stevens in LADY SINGS THE BLUES

Cabaret • Soul
New South Wales • World Premiere
A story about women in song, their hurts, struggles and pain whilst their beauty remains the same.

Featuring the songs of the greats such as Billie Holiday, Etta James, Nina Simone & Ella Fitzgerald along with the modern day voices of Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Beyonce and Sade you will be transported from the speak easy setting to the very heart of our Lady.

Prinnie as a woman of colour in Australia will tell these tales through her own eyes and experience.

We first met Prinnie on season one of The Voice where she battled best friend Mahalia Barnes and stopped Australia in it's tracks. Prinnie then went on to star on the West End in Thriller Live in the UK as well performing in the Australasian Tour before returning to the stage back home in The Bodyguard and HAIR the Musical

Presented by: Prinnie Stevens Productions

Prinnie Stevens Productions presents "Lady Sings the Blues". A brand new show in a long line of strong female driven musical events.

Each show (Music For The Soul, Whitney verses Mariah, The Diva Series) combines the hits of the greatest artists of this generation and beyond with excellent musicianship and incredible talent.

Audiences guaranteed to leave feeling thoroughly entertained, uplifted and impacted.

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