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Dr Lane with stethoscope

Prepping for Theatre

Cabaret • Musical theatre
South Australia • World Premiere

When we think of doctors, we tend to think clinical, dry…dare we say, boring? Dr Lane, armed with his affable charm, outstanding vocal talent and irrefutable penchant for penning sensational songs, defies expectations! He recounts the story of how he, as a young boy plagued with anxiety, found success as both a GP and musician.

All profits will be donated towards youth mental health.

★★★★★ “Near perfect as one can get.” Adelaide Theatre Guide

★★★★★ “His powerful and expressive voice, excellent piano style and irresistible story make the evening’s entertainment all too short and not to be missed” InDaily

★★★★ "It’s a good sign when an hourlong show seems to flash by, as this did, in a fraction of the time." The Advertiser 

Schools Price of $40 per class. Category 1-4 School Price of $15 per class.
45 minute Q&A’s with the creatives may be available by request - $100 per class or $75 for category 1-4 school classes.


Presented by: Bamboozled Productions

Dr Lane Hinchcliffe is a GP, composer and performer based in Adelaide, South Australia. A classically trained pianist and vocalist, he also has a string of acting credits to his name, including appearances in Stateless, Anzac Girls, and Vital Signs. Lane is the writer and composer of THE FRONT, an Australian musical based on the Battle of Fromelles which premiered at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival in 2015. As a doctor, he is the Principal GP and at The Health Hub Family GP in Glenelg and the founder of Community GP, a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to improve access to GP services for South Australians in need.

Reviews & Fringefeed Reacts

  • Beautifully produced and exquisitely executed, Dr Lane delivers a powerful and thought-provoking one-man musical. - Jo Withers, Mindshare

  • The doctor can sing, and it quickly becomes obvious that we’re in for an entertaining blend of candid personal revelation and humour. - Jo Vabolis, InDaily

  • He is a one-man package because he arranges music, plays the piano sublimely and is a gifted singer with a daunting range. - Samela Harris, Barefoot Review

  • Prepping For Theatre is important, fun, and life-giving cabaret, and amid shows of vulgarity it is just what the doctor ordered! - Steve Davis, The Adelaide Show