Three acrobats in cave man outfits pose in front of a green grass field. A female acrobat is holding a male acrobat by his feet, whilst picking her nose and squatting on the shoulders of another male acrobat.
Two male acrobats sit in the corner, smiling and pointing at a female acrobat who seems to undergo the full evolution of man, from squatting like a monkey to walking standing up.
A female acrobat is wrestling two male acrobats and bringing them in line, she is headlocking one and pulling another into a stretched acrobatic position, known as a V sit, where the arms are placed on the floor behind you and the hips and legs lift to form a V.


• Circus

This show rocks! A hilarious circus show for children and parents of all ages following three foolish Neanderthals as they struggle to survive the harsh natural world.

Avoiding predators, navigating harsh environments and learning to work together are all explored with marvellous circus skills and hilarious slapstick comedy. With truly incredible circus and tongue-in-cheek humour for the adults, PreHysterical is something everyone will enjoy.

Winner of Best Children's Weekly Award - Fringe World 2020

Winner of Best Children's Weekly Award - Adelaide Fringe 2022

Winner of Best Children's Weekly Award - Adelaide Fringe 2020

"fantastic circus tricks" ★★★★1/2 GlamAdelaide

"communication and performance skills are combined make this show a winner" ★★★★1/2 The Barefoot Review


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Head First Acrobats are a Melbourne based entertainment company. We provide acrobatic and comedic entertainment for theatre events. Mostly known for our adult offerings, we also do childrens entertainment.

We are also the owners and producers of the Vault, a wonderful geodisic dome venue, and the new festival precinct, Fools paradise in Victoria Square/tarntanyangga.

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