Precession - Adelaide Planetarium Experience

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Precession - Adelaide Planetarium Experience  - Event image

About this event

Sacred Resonance are back again in 2018 at Adelaide Planetarium with 7 shows over 3 days !

It was Plato who proposed that the planets emit their own musical hum on their orbital revolution through the heavens. Precession, a unique take on the ‘music of the spheres’, in a live full-dome performance of celestial sounds & immersive visuals. 

Experience stunning images & unique sound vibrations inspired by Pythagoras, Kepler & Plato.

Presented by:
Sacred Resonance


Darren Curtis Musician, Composer & Artist.
Bradley Pitt -- Visionary, Artist & Curator

Working together as Sacred Resonance Darren Curtis and Bradley Pitt have presented many shows at festivals across Australia. Each year for Adelaide Fringe they specialise in sonic-visual immersive planetarium performances and installations/performances exploring consciousness, science & art.

Through arts, education & performances they explore the connection with higher patterns of supernature. Their work involves the latest discoveries in musicology, archeoacoustics, brain-body entrainment with the consciousness sciences, for a fresh experience of colour, vision and music being unified.

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