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Join OLD JACK, the Aussie Gleeman, for your renewable energy - high voltage, low emissions, clean and efficient, ample storage, no blackouts (we all hope). While you explore with him the right word for the right occasion - give me your word, word for word, word of mouth, a play on words, the tyranny of words, your favourite four-letter word, even the word of god and many more - experience the power of his stories, old and new, from far and wide, in poetry and prose - tales to delight, entertain, enlighten and energize you. For remember always, a word in the head is worth two in the book.
Or, as Sir Lancelot might have said -
"I've never lost in contest or game, I'm simply the best by far,
When words are tossed, 'tis always the same, one verse and au revoir."

Presented by:
John R. Sabine

John R. Sabine is into his third career: first a scientist and academic, then a business consultant/entrepreneur and now a “Scholar-at-Large” (thinker, writer, speaker, actor). His recent publications include a major travel memoir, two collections of poetry and a collection of short stories, as well as individual poems, short stories and essays. His acting activities include stage, film and television work – and especially in his stage persona, “Old Jack: the Aussie Gleeman” (purveyor of tall tales, short stories and pithy poetry).

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