Portrait of a Narcissist - A graphic illustration of a person staring. They are wearing a dark blue coat with the collar up and they have a white flower tucked behind one ear.

Portrait of a Narcissist

South Australia • SA Premiere
People use the word narcissist like it's a bad thing. I'm bringing it back. From narcissist times where I put myself first all my life to my tipping point where I stopped putting myself first when I became a parent, come see my journey of narcissism, adventure, super comedy and super paintings.

Every year at the Adelaide Fringe, I randomly take someone who has never done comedy before, write them a set and put them up as my support act just to showcase how great my comedy writing really is. This year, I'm picking two. Forget Australian Idol or The X Factor, those guys have got nothing on me. Yes, there's nothing I can't do and you need to see this for yourself at my new show.

★★★★ "A higher profile in the next few years will come as no surprise" Herald Sun

Presented by: Nick Stevens

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