Port Adelaide Ghost Crime Tour

Scaled port adelaide

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Port Adelaide Meeting Point

1 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide, SA, 5015

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  • Warra Kattendi - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Events
Scaled port adelaide

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Do you know that one of the oldest suburbs in Adelaide was home to countless crimes, murders and ghost sightings?

Like the heard moaning and groaning soul of a Chinese man, who was found floating in the Port River, head wrapped in a hessian sack with three nails driven into his skull; or sight an old Madam's ghost at the Port Dock Brewery, who was believed to be from the building when it was still a brothel in the 1920s.

We'll visit the hair-raising walls of Port Admiral Hotel which is rumoured to be haunted by an old schoolmaster who committed suicide in one of its bedrooms.

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We have researched the state's history to bring you the most interesting stories we could find in the region. We would love to share it with you!

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