Pop Your Podcast Cherry - Interactive Podcasting Event

• Digital Media
World Premiere
Love podcasts? Thinking about hosting your own podcast? Here's your chance!

In this first of its kind, interactive podcasting event, Amelia Veale, host of Be The Drop podcast, will invite audience members to participate in a podcast episode, RECORDED LIVE at the event. That's right, you have the opportunity to be part of a podcast episode, to find out what's involved and pop your podcast cherry!

There's even a spot as 'guest host' up for grabs. Yep, you could be sitting on stage holding a hosting mic in your hot little hands. Amelia will even share some hints and tips, to help you take what you've learned and launch your very own podcast.

So, come on already, book your tickets. The airwaves need you!

Presented by: Amelia Veale

Amelia is the Chief Storyteller and Director of Narrative Marketing. Ever since she was a little girl, Amelia loved hearing and telling stories. She hosts the podcast, Be The Drop which has released well over 100 episodes! Amelia has interviewed guests such as Marc Fennell, Kate Cebrano, Amity Dry and many more!

Storytelling and communication is my internal truth. It's the thing that I can't not do. And I love nothing more than to share this passion and my knowledge of storytelling platforms, like podcasts, with other people.

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