Platypus Man

Scaled platypus man crop print

1 Venue

Tandanya Arts Cafe at Live From Tandanya

253 Grenfell St, Adelaide, SA, 5001

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Ideal Age Range:

7 years to 12 years

Scaled platypus man crop print

About this event

In a world where animals are people too, Platypus Man, our well billed hero, battles villains both of the world and of the self. Will his Aussie gumption be enough to save him this time? Will his loyal sidekick Human Person possess enough patience to aid his mate through these tough times? Will YOU be curious enough to find out? CRIKEY! BONZA! STRUTH!

Presented by:

RedHerring produces new local Australian works for people of all ages. We aim to explore the human condition and contemporary society through an absurdist, left of centre lens. We believe that the most intrinsicly honest and sincere theatre is produced from a comedic perspective.

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