• Installation
Victoria • SA Premiere
An immersive art installation exploring the intergenerational impacts of Climate Change. Ghostly projections will animate plastic structures formed from societies detritus, distorted music and whispers will envelop the space, and future generations will push their warnings through layers of time and plastic. Created by Laura Collins (theatre-maker), Alex Borowiak (climate scientist), Louis Stevens (composer) and Conor Jamieson (film-maker), 'Plastisphere' sits at the intersection of art and science. The work will be displayed 25-28 February, 4pm-9pm, in The Long Room at Treasury 1860.

"Plastisphere is an art installation that you can't do justice to with images alone" Weekend Notes.

"Laura's incredible writing has managed to translate something ugly into something beautiful" Farrago.

Presented by: AnthropScenes

AnthropScenes is an art collective, led by Laura Quinn-Collins and Alex Borowiak, that aims to spread awareness about Climate Change and Plastic Pollution. They presented Plastisphere at Melbourne Fringe in 2019, and Solastalgia at VCA in 2019.

Laura Quinn-Collins is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores climate change and feminist themes. Her background is in playwriting, sculpture, set-design and performance. Laura recently graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Masters in Writing for Performance.

Alex Borowiak is a climate scientist at the Melbourne University. Alex researches extreme rainfall, and has interests in plastic overuse and science communication. Alex is passionate about making Climate Change and plastic poll an understandable topic for everyone