Plant Songs: Sound Bath in the Celestial Gardens - A whimsical graphic illustration of a green plant leaf and stem.

Plant Songs: Sound Bath in the Celestial Gardens

Music • Performance
South Australia

Relax, unwind and be immersed in the presence of the sounds of plants! This unique, live sound bath performance by Sacred Resonance, incorporates the sounds created by plants, as well as relaxing and transformative music in the celestial gardens. 

Join us for this music and light filled evening at our new location The Joinery, 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide 

For our previous show ICOSA 20 we were the winners of the John Chataway Innovation Award, (Week 4 BankSA Award, Adelaide Fringe 2020). ICOSA20, Directed by Sacred Resonance, SuperNature Productions conjunction with In Search of the Divine.  

Presented by: Sacred Resonance

Sacred Resonance - Darren Curtis & Bradley Pitt

We are based in Adelaide and have been collaborating together for over 20 years.
Sacred Resonance is our music, arts and educational business. Our inspiration comes from
how sound & music can be beneficial to our health and can open us to new
perceptions and experiences. We have done extensive field research in archaeoacoustics; the study of acoustics and
sound in pyramids, caves, temples, sound entrainment and produced 8 music albums.

In the visual arts and events, our work from in the last 10 years includes large & small scale installations in which we create immersive and unique sound environments. We explore everything from data sonification of cosmic rays to the music of the plants.

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