Photography Exhibition - Veiled Reality

• Photography
Between the material world and the world of dreams, there are many layers of our personal perception. These layers create our individual experience of the world, determined not only by our background, memories, experiences…but also by our wishes, dreams and fantasies. Floating through these layers we change and transform from a child into the mature person. The closer we get to reality, the more vulnerable it becomes. However, quiet moments of self-reflection bring us new insights of the world and ourselves. Unveiling hidden layers of our inner world we’re finding strength and peace - we’re growing, reaching the confidence of the maturity.

Presented by: Bojana Jokanovic

I was born in Sarajevo, but since the mid 1990s I have been living in The Netherlands.
This is where I become fascinated with an art- and conceptual photography.
For me, a photography is an exploration trip, a way to find and tell a story. I experiment with a color palette, study shades and shadows, trying to convey atmosphere and emotions.
A real life of an image starts only when it is displayed to the audience. Diversity of the viewers' interpretations, based on their own backgrounds and life experiences, is the most valuable part. The image gains its own life, space and time.
That is why I would be very happy to have an opportunity to share my story and my dreams with the visitors of the Adelaide Fringe Festival.
Submitted photo-series is part of my project "Veiled Reality".